About Us


At SleekShape, we’re in the business of confidence. We want to see confident, empowered women live life to the fullest and celebrate their curves. We have the mission to constantly create the most compelling shopping experience for our customers. To do this, we provide the best in shapewear with our service, selection, quality and value.


Our position on shapewear is all-inclusive. We believe that there is nothing to hide, nothing to conceal, nothing to be ashamed about. A woman’s body is hers to show off however she sees fit.

The SleekShape customer is confident that she looks and feels good in wearing her shapewear. Confident not only because she knows she looks great, but because she feels comfortable and amazing in her shapewear all-day, everyday.


We’ll Always Remain Inclusive → Creating Products For Every Body
We’ll Continue To Do Good → By Using Processes That Put Women First
We’ll Continue To Innovate → And Always Make Women Look Forward To Our Designs
We’ll Positively Impact Women → Enabling The Entire Cycle From Creation To Delivery
We’ll Stay True → By Giving You The Finest Quality And Service

Our brand is built entirely around you and enables you to express yourself to the fullest. Impeccable fitting, unmatched comfort and exclusive styles are just a few of the reasons why we are such a hot favourite. Our inclusively sized, exquisitely designed collections speaks for us and our attempt to support each of you in flaunting your style.


We believe in your Curve Appeal! As they say; it's not about the size but about how you wear it! Flaunt your beautiful curves with our trendy shapewear.


“I wear makeup, it enhances what’s already there.
I wear jewelry, it enhances what’s already there.
I wear shapewear, it enhances what’s already there.
Nothing wrong with wearing things that make you feel confident and fabulous.”